PT. Formshore Teknik Indonesia

Product – Grout Bag

The use of fabric formwork (grout bag) for the rectification of free spans and stabilization of subsea pipelines is now accepted as the most efficient and cost effective solution currently available to the oil and gas industry.

Once predominately executed by divers, advances in ROV technology and installation equipment have meant an enormous increase in pipeline freespan rectification using ROV’s. The use of ROV Installed products not only minimizes risks and costs of having personnel in the water, installation by ROV is proven.


Superior Support Coverage

Formshore Pipeline formworks have been specifically designed with imperial pipeline measurements in mind. Our formwork design offers superior pipeline coverage so there is less possibility of poor support as found with other products available on the market.

Compare the table below against other available products.

In addition to the above Formshore provides bespoke fabric formwork solutions, working together with your engineers in providing solutions

Formshore currently have formwork manufacturing facilities in Bangkok, Thailand and West Java, Indonesia and as such are able to offer our clients significant savings in manufacturing and freight issues.

Formshore through their research in the latest technology of fabrics are now able to produce formworks at competitive pricing, passing the savings onto you the end user.



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