PT. Formshore Teknik Indonesia

Product – Anode Pod

Anode Pod is an aluminum anode system arranged in stable, self-contained “pods” which are ideal for replacing depleted anodes on mature assets. The pods are lowered to the sea floor and connected electrically to the target structure with a clamp.



Anode Pod is installed on the seabed just inside or outside the base of the jacket and attached with one or two clamps. Depending on the depth, the clamp can be easily installed by diver or ROV onto any tubular member, flange, or subsea support beam. Speed of installation makes the this method extremely cost-effective, as installation costs dominate budgeting for most anode installation projects.



There is no direct diver interaction with the heavy aluminum anodes when installing the Anode Pod. A crane lowers the Pod onto the sea floor and the diver simply installs the clamp tie-back. The clamp can also be installed via ROV.



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