Offshore Equipment / Jet Mix Grouting System
  • 100% integrated redundancy
  • In excess of 6m³ per hour mix and delivery
  • No external power packs required (runs off of vessel 440vac supply)
  • Fast and simple mobilisation
  • Latest jet mix technology
  • Integrated SG readout for optimum product inflation
  • Jet Mix dimensions( 20'x 8'Gross weight 5,000kg)

Jet Mix 100% Redundancy
The Formshore Jet Mix Grout and Pumping unit offers the most advanced combined technology in low pressure grouting.

The modular unit a stand-a-lone 20’x8’ purpose built A60 0ffshore container comprising of a integrated 2m³ mixing tank and associated pipe work. Supplied by 2 X 50hp 3phase electric TEFA motors coupled to 2 X National Oilwell 3’’x4’’x13 Sandmaster centrifugal pumps delivering an impressive 6m³ of grout per hour

In the event that one pump or motor should fail during subsea operations a simple changeover procedure brings the system back online in a matter of seconds.

Jet Mix Technology
Mixing Tank Eductor Benefits
  • Ensures homogeneous fluid mix throughout the tank
  • More thorough mixing results in solution uniformity
  • Ensures product/process quality
  • Eliminates sludge build-up and reduces tank cleaning time
  • Simplifies operation and maintenance - no moving parts
  • Eliminates the need for agitator paddles