PT. Formshore Teknik Indonesia

Equipment – Jet Mix 50 Modular Grout System

100% integrated redundancy
In excess of 6m³ per hour mix and delivery
Fast and simple mobilization
Latest jet mix technology
Integrated SG readout for optimum product inflation
Jet Mix dimensions( 20’x 8’Gross weight 5,000 kg)

This new development for Formshore provides the offshore industry with the latest technology in low pressure formwork installation (Grout Bag).  Formshore recognize the growing demand for compressive strength testing during freespan rectification projects we have the ability to constantly log and monitor the density as the formwork inflates, this combined with the onboard Diver /ROV VDU (Visual Display Unit) provides our offshore technicians the ability to record and produce high quality end user chart data.

The modular unit a stand-a-lone 20’x8’ purpose built A60 0ffshore container comprising of a integrated 2m³ mixing tank and associated pipe work. Supplied by 2 X 50hp 3phase electric TEFA motors coupled to 2 X National Oilwell 3’’x4’’x13 Sandmaster centrifugal pumps delivering an impressive 6m³ of grout per hour.

In the event that one pump or motor should fail during subsea operations a simple changeover procedure brings the system back online in a matter of seconds.


Mixing Tank Benefits

Ensures homogeneous fluid mix throughout the tank
More thorough mixing results in solution uniformity
Ensures product/process quality
Eliminates sludge build-up and reduces tank cleaning time
Simplifies operation and maintenance –no moving parts
Eliminates the need for agitator paddles

System components
Containerized System: Standard 20 ft Offshore Container
Integral workshop: Workbench vice 220Vac/110Vac Power Outlets and lighting
Delivery pumps: 2 3x4x13 Mission Magnum 250 Hard fluid End Centrifugal
Drive units: 2 Elekrim 50hp 50hz 380/415vac RPM 1450 Electric Motors
Output flow: 0-6M³ph
Max output pressure: 180psi/12.5BAR
Weight: 5000kg
*The Jet Mix 50 LP Modular Grout System provides 100% redundancy

Mixing Bowl capacity: 2.2 M³
Circulation: 10.0 M³pm
Tank Agitation: 3’’ Mixing Eductor

Services required
Electric power: 380/415Vac 100A 50Hz (3 phase and Natural)

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