PT. Formshore Teknik Indonesia

Equipment – Subsea Diamond Wire Saw

DWC allows you to cut pipe in a range of sizes. In order to cut this range adjustments to the clamping mechanism needs to be made. The clamp swing arms are attached to the frame with a stainless hinge pin that is held in place with a pin. This hinge pin needs to be moved to a position suitable for the specific cut.

The clamping swing arms are actuated by two hydraulic cylinders that are fixed to the frame. When these cylinders are driven forward they pivot the swing arms on the pin and the two-arms swing closed around the work piece. The swing arms pull the DWC down onto the work piece so that the resting pads grip firmly on the work piece and the DWC is firmly held in place.

The base rollers on the swing arms are free to turn. This allows the machine to self-align during clamping.  To release from the work piece the above process is reversed.


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