PT. Formshore Teknik Indonesia

About Us

PT. Formshore Teknik Indonesia established in 2015 (formerly known as PT. Formshore Indonesia incorporated in 2010)

The senior management has structured this company through sound product knowledge and a vast array of offshore pipeline stabilization experiences we have taken into account all our past project successes and all the past project experiences after evaluating the information accumulated, plus having the ability to recognize the actual client requirement we were able to see major problem areas in both product design and in field operations.

Through this knowledge Formshore management was able to design and manufacture our new pipeline stabilization product range these products are manufactured to the highest possible quality standard, our offshore personnel are all fully experienced having the ability to handle any given offshore product installation problems, it is the policy of the senior management to continually seek for product improvement, our engineering design department can meet any given pipeline stabilization product design requirement.

Formshore’s senior management has a very simple policy is it is our intention to become the most competitive pipeline stabilization company on the market today, and we intend to achieve this by assuring all our perspective clients that we do have the ability to deliver, that we do have the ability to complete their project, we will always endeavor to meet your project budget, we will always try to meet your project schedules, and most important of all we will always maintain to operate in only the highest standard of Safety HS&E available to us.

The management and staff at Formshore thank you for giving our company Formshore the opportunity of participation, we are more than confident that given the opportunity we are be able to demonstrate that our products are the best available, our management and offshore personnel are the most experienced proven people within the pipeline stabilization industry, having to date already completed several projects, probably one of your projects.


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